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What our patients say...

“I have nothing but positive thoughts about the team at Whitefield Dental practice, the service has been first class "
Mrs R, Bury

“I think the practice is excellent, they really looked after me. They knew I was scared of going to the dentist for years. The staff were caring and patient - in fact wonderful”  New Patient, Bury


“Completely satisfied with all aspects of care from Whitefield Dental Practice”
Mr B, Whitefield


About Us

The Practice has been on the corner of Radcliffe New Rd and Leicester Rd since the late 1960’s.

Although the practice has stayed in the same place it has undergone changes over the years.

Originally owned by Mr Simon until 2002 when Dr Qureshi or ‘Dr Q’ as she was known bought the

practice and inherited the staff.

For a short period of time they both worked alongside each other until Mr Simon retired in 2005.

In 2018, sadly Dr Q passed away very suddenly aged 48 but her husband has kept the practice up and

running as she wished and 2 new dentists, Mohammad and Saif joined the fold with all the existing

staff remaining at the practice.

Mo and Saif have settled in well and are well loved by staff, existing patients and new ones alike.

They have continued with our approach that prevention is the best way forward and share the

practices’ ethics of spending time with patients, to understand your needs, fears and expectations.

Most of us here have children and fully understand the importance of children looking after their

teeth from a very early age which is why we offer Free check-ups for children under the age of 10

with every adult plan. This gives parents peace of mind so that small problems don’t become bigger

problems as children grow older.

The practice has a growing reputation when caring for patients who are apprehensive about a trip to

the dentist. We understand their feelings and we provide a sympathetic approach to their needs with

many patients regularly returning after getting over their fears.

Our approach is to spend more time with patients, understanding their needs and explaining the

process of their treatment, ensuring a successful and professional outcome.
It’s no coincidence that patients regularly use words like ‘friendly, trustworthy, professional and

welcoming when talking about Whitefield dental practice.  We see this as the norm and not the

exception when it comes to patient care.





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“Very happy with my visit today with Mo! Very thorough, knowledgeable and made it easy!

Hope to see him next time!“ Duncan Cooper


" Had first appointment/treatment with Saif. Lovely person, very professional. Explained all thetreatment in detail. Put me at ease. Great service and great staff/team.”  Elaine

" Just to say how much I appreciate the very kind care and attention you bestowed on me recently in my treatment. My sincere thanks "
Barbara Bell  

What our patients say...