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If you have a missing tooth and don’t like the appearance of the space left behind, and the thought of a denture fills you with dread, then you may be able to have a bridge instead !!

A bridge is a permanent restoration which is cemented in place. It  usually comes in units , so a 2 unit bridge would be like 2 crowns stuck together to replace one tooth, a 3 unit bridge is 3 teeth and would still possibly replace only one tooth etc, so one of the teeth is in effect a false tooth but has the appearance of a crown.

Bridges are not removable so are an ideal to replace missing teeth and fill in the gaps left behind.

After an initial consultation an appointment is made for the Bridge preparation. At this appointment the teeth used to help fix the bridge in place are shaped so the bridge will fit in with the way you bite together and flush with your other teeth.

This impression will then be sent to our Laboratory where they will create a bespoke bridge to replace the missing tooth, matching the shade and shape of your own  teeth  then approximately seven to ten days later your new bridge will be fitted and your  smile restored  to its former glory.

Prices from £600 for a two unit bridge for plan members

Each additional unit is £300

* 50% of treatment cost need to be paid at the start of treatment, with the balance paid at the fit appointment.

Cosmetic Tooth Alignment

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£4 per month

Kids Club Dental Plan

Fantastic low cost children’s plan

Open to all children under 16

Save up to 33% on treatment.

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New Componeer Veneers
t checkup’s

For cost effective stunning smiles

From £200 each

Do you want affordable, straight teeth and a great smile quickly?
is the solution

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“I would like to take this opportunity to say how pleasant my visits to your surgery are, I’m always met with a warm welcome , and all the staff are professional and very friendly so thank you for that! “ Eugene O’ Donnell

Brenda Lomas

" Thank you so much for your patience during my recent treatment. I’m now happy to smile again !"
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" Just to say how much I appreciate the very kind care and attention you bestowed on me recently in my treatment. My sincere thanks "
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