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For more information call 0161 766 6164 or email  dentist@whitefielddentalpractice.co.uk Crowns at Whitefield Dental Practice

Teeth that have been damaged, worn, or suffered major decay can be totally restored to their original beauty and functionality with a crown.

Crowns are ideal not only for enhancing the appearance of a damaged tooth, but for protecting the remaining root and tooth soft tissue as well.

Crowns are made of porcelain or precious metals, or a combination of these materials and are often used to cover discoloured fillings and to add strength to a weakened tooth.

At Whitefield Dental Practice you are assured of wonderful results using the latest crown technology, we can replicate natural teeth and give you a smile that you will be proud of.   


Prices from £395* for plan members



* 50% of treatment cost need to be paid at the start of treatment, with the balance paid at the fit appointment.







QST / Invisalign
Cosmetic Tooth Alignment

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£5.50 per month

Kids Club Dental Plan

Fantastic low cost children’s plan

Open to all children under 16

Save up to 20% on treatment.

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Cosmetic Composite Bonding
t checkup’s

For cost effective stunning smiles


From £200 each


Do you want affordable, straight teeth and a great smile quickly?
QST / Invisalign
is the solution

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Cosmetic Composite Bonding


What our patients say...

“I recently had the crowns replaced on my two front teeth at Whitefield Dental Practice and I have to say I am very happy with them.  The colour match with the rest of my teeth is spot on and the way they look is excellent. My old crowns no longer matched the colour of my teeth and were poorly fitting. I now feel that I can smile again, with confidence. I am more than pleased with the work they have done.” Mr Dewhurst