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Ten point dental health check

At each 10-point Dental Health Check we assess the overall health of your mouth and we will look for ways of keeping you as healthy as possible to reduce the risk of future problems and treatment.

  1. We check to see if your teeth are healthy and strong.
  2. We examine your fillings and restorations to determine if they are still healthy and strong.
  3. We check the health of your gums - which is essential if you want to keep your teeth for life.
  4. The presence of plaque is also checked - which does all the damage but you can control it.
  5. The inside of your mouth is monitored i.e cheeks, lips, tongue palate and floor of mouth for any signs of change or oral cancer.
  6. We will also check if you have any medical condition or take any medication which may affect your dental health
  7. We check the bone which supports your teeth
  8. Important also, we check your jaw and surrounding glands.
  9. We ask about how healthy you feel your mouth is and if you have any worries about your teeth.
  10. Naturally, the appearance of your teeth are important to you and we will ensure you are satisfied with this.

Whitefield Dental Practice uses an Intra Oral Camera (A small camera shaped like a pen which allows us to photograph your teeth/gums) This gives you a visual of the condition of your mouth and the level of treatment that may be needed.

We will then advise you of  any treatment that is necessary to ensure dental fitness.


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What our patients say...

“I have nothing but positive thoughts about the team at Whitefield Dental practice, the service has been first class "
Mrs R, Bury

“I think the practice is excellent, they really looked after me. They knew I was scared of going to the dentist for years. The staff were caring and patient - in fact wonderful”  New Patient, Bury

“Completely satisfied with all aspects of care from Whitefield Dental Practice”
Mr B, Whitefield